Woodland Heights Elementary

District: Spartanburg 6  /  Site Since 2006

Woodland Heights Elementary School is the best kept secret in Spartanburg County School District Six. Until becoming a part of our school family, it is hard to understand how special it is to experience loving, caring teachers who strive to see their students flourish. At Woodland Heights Elementary, we have teachers who want better than the best for their students and a faculty that supports each other in a very positive, relational environment. Here at Woodland Heights, children are empowered with personal responsibility, a growth mindset, and an appreciation for learning in all its forms. Students are encouraged to make connections between disciplines, express themselves articulately and creatively, and value the thoughts, work, and experiences of others. Woodland Heights offers a curriculum integrated and infused with the arts. We have a multi-talented staff well-trained to teach the entire student. We know that incorporating the arts into core curriculum improves student achievement and success. We are fortunate to offer music, visual arts, dance, and drama at our school while hosting numerous artists in residence and theatrical performances. Additionally, our teachers use the arts in their classrooms to promote learning and create connections for our students. Woodland Heights Elementary School goes above and beyond to reach every student. Everyone here has one goal which is to see EVERYONE succeed. The faculty and staff work diligently to ensure the safety of each child on campus while fostering independence, providing an abundance of love, and instilling a love for continual learning. The saying is that it takes a village, and the WHES village is here for ALL students.

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