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SC Arts in Education Forum

On January 21, 2022, ABC Institute hosted the SC Arts in Education Forum. This event featured informational sessions about the Arts Grow SC plan from key program and research partners. Missed the conversation? Session recordings are available here!

Whether you attended on January 21 or have watched recorded content, we are interested in your feedback. Please take a moment to complete a post-event survey to help us measure the effectiveness of programming and improve next year’s program.

Did You Know?

South Carolina Department of Education committed significant funds towards learning in and through the arts to help public schools address pandemic related learning loss. This three-year, $20 million dollar investment between SCDE and the South Carolina Arts Commission has been titled, Arts Grow SC.

Session Information

Keynote Speaker

Molly Spearman
, Superintendent of Education
South Carolina Department of Education
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Early Learning Through the Arts

As South Carolina has increased and expanded access to early childhood learning and 4K programs it is important to expand the conversation of arts education to be included from the very start. Join this session to learn from the significant work of Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts. Akua and Angela will guide the conversation through why learning in the arts and arts integration is key to early childhood development with concrete examples of partnerships and successful programs across the country to inspire attending participants for interactive discussion. The second half of the session will focus on interaction among participants to contemplate:

  • How might we ensure that every child in South Carolina has access to arts experiences in their daily lives?
  • How do we ensure all early childhood teachers and pre-service teachers develop their teaching practice to include the arts in their daily practice?

Akua Kouyate-Tate, Vice President, Education
Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts
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Angela Dittmar, Director of Teaching Artist Residencies
Arts-Based Collaborative at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
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Arts-Empowered Learning Across the Curriculum: Lessons from ten years of the ARTeacher Fellowship arts integration program

What does it look like when a teacher deeply integrates the arts into their pedagogical practice? And what does it take to get there? Since 2012, the University of Arkansas Center for Children & Youth (CCY) and partners have organized a long-term, intensive professional development program known as the ARTeacher Fellowship with the aim of cultivating high-level practitioners of arts integration in the teaching of English, foreign language, science, and social studies. The result has been a dynamic and award-winning program that celebrates the power of the arts to transform learning. In this session, we share the design and evolution of the ARTeacher Fellowship and explore what lessons can be gleaned from the last decade of implementation.


Hung Pham
, Director
Center for Children and Youth, University of Arkansas
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Arts Integration at USCB: Successful interdisciplinary initiatives lead to dynamic programming and renewed interest in STEAM pedagogy

Following the success of the inaugural Performance of Caring class, a collaborative effort by faculty in the Nursing and Theater program to train students to serve as Simulated Patients, I expanded my efforts to create opportunities for experiential learning via acting training and interprofessional partnerships. In the Summer of 2021, I was one of two faculty members awarded the USCB Teaching Innovation Grant for her proposed project, “Utilization of Simulated Patients in Non-Nursing Classrooms.” In this presentation, I will speak about my Fall 2021 collaboration with Psychology Professor Sandra Knapp. Select students were offered course credit through an independent study to serve as simulated patients for an abnormal psychology class. The semester began with specialized training that expanded on the students’ previous work as simulated patients with the nursing program. This training focused on using acting methodologies to enable them to embody various conditions and disorders as described in the DSM-V. Two of those students will join me not only in recounting the events of the class but also in discussing how the skills they acquired will aid them in pursuing their professional aspirations. Finally, I will discuss other forthcoming collaborations in which theater students will take on the roles of simulated patients to serve the pedagogical needs of a variety of disciplines.


Elizabeth Ricardo
, Program Coordinator for Interdisciplinary Studies
University of South Carolina Beaufort
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Kymet Laboard, Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Program
University of South Carolina Beaufort
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Jennifer Nettles, Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Program
University of South Carolina Beaufort
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Using Data to Transform Arts Education in SC

Without a systematic data-driven approach it is not possible to know the true status and condition of arts education in our schools. The Arts Education Data Project partners with state departments of education to transform data collected into a publicly available interactive dashboard to reflect the true status of accessibility of arts education in every school, at every grade level for every student. South Carolina is joining the Arts Education Data Project, which is currently working in 31 states. Join this session to learn more about the Arts Education Data Project, the data collected and a tour of the interactive dashboard that will empower South Carolina’s efforts to provide equitable access to arts education for all students.


Bob Morrison
Quadrant Research
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Arts Industry Credential Roundtable

Arts Grow SC plan includes the creation of Arts Industry Credentials to offer SC students career pathways to the Arts. Join the call to learn how Arts Industry Credential Project Manager is working with SCDE Career and Technical Education office and how the feedback and advice from key advisory leaders are helping shape options in various arts disciplines. More importantly, be prepared to engage in the conversation and share thoughts, ideas and resources to achieve success for SC students and SC’s creative economy.


GP McLeer
, Executive Director
SC Arts Alliance
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Mia Phillips
, Arts Industry Credential Project Manager
Arts Grow SC
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The Secret Sauce: Staffing, Culture and Community

Hiring the right staff to build the right culture was the name of the game for Arts for Learning Maryland’s Summer Academy, and overnight it needed to quadruple in size. Could this growth be accomplished while maintaining the strong culture and relationships, program quality and academic impact? This session will share practical strategies, tips and tools that you can implement in your programs now! Come prepared to share as we explore recruitment, vetting and hiring best practices for teachers and artists in your community; how to design professional development and other experiences to build trust and community, not just skills; and how to effectively support your teams on the ground doing the work.


Stacie Sanders Evans
, President & CEO
Arts for Learning Maryland
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Kurtis Donnelly
, Chief, Innovation and Strategic Initiatives
Maryland Chapter of Young Audiences/Arts for Learning
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Silos No More: Lessons Learned in Activating Networks Beyond the Classroom

This panel of Art of Community: Rural SC mavens, creative connectors, and creative mentors will share experiences that highlight the power of networks and collaboration to support student learning in traditional classroom settings as well as within a community. Through their work in and out of classrooms, each panelist has addressed the education needs of their rural communities, grown networks to find much needed resources, and collaborated on innovative ideas for teachers and students alike.


Ashley Brown, Moderator
, Deputy Director
South Carolina Arts Commission
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Terrance Washington
, Art Teacher
Blackville Public Schools
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Betty McDaniel
, Maven
Pickens County
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Kayla Hostetler
, Maven
Aiken County
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Marquerite Palmer
, Maven
Newberry County
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Bobby Harley
, Educator
Chambers High School
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Envisioning STEAM in SC

The STEAM Policy Academy was hosted by the Arts Education Partnership in July 2021. The goal of the academy was to convene teams from three states—all of whom have already established groundwork for STEAM education policy action—to learn from other state leaders and craft an action plan to enhance access to STEAM education experiences for students statewide. South Carolina, Vermont and West Virginia were among participating states and will receive 18 months of technical assistance towards their action plans.

In this session, participants will be engaged to envision a future for STEAM education in South Carolina.


Phillip Wilder, Associate Professor of Literacy
Clemson University

Rhett Nettles, Education Specialist
S²TEM Centers SC

Cindy Riddle, Assistant Superintendent of Visual & Performing Arts Gifted/Talented Services
Spartanburg School District One

Jamie Kasper, Director
Arts Education Partnership

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