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The mission of the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind (SCSDB) Fine Arts program is to ensure that the individuals we serve realize maximum success through high quality arts and arts integrated education programs, arts outreach service, and arts partnerships. SCSDB is the only specialized instructional school for students in all 46 counties in South Carolina who are deaf, blind or sensory multi-disabled. Students receive classes in art and music during school hours and theater and dance classes after school. All students, day and residential, are offered after school arts opportunities through our Art Enrichment Programs. Being a residential school, SCSDB does not have a PTO/ PTA. We make that up with the SCSDB Foundation and Professional Learning Committees. Students have their art installed and entered into competitions throughout the state and country. Students perform across South Carolina, with the SCSDB Performing Sing and Sign Choir, and alongside students from other schools. We pride ourselves in having specialized and trained staff to make the arts ACCESSIBLE and EQUITABLE to all our students here at SCSDB.

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