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Philip Simmons Elementary School is known throughout Berkeley County School District as one of the esteemed S.T.E.A.M. endorsed schools. Named after the famous blacksmith from Charleston, South Carolina, Philip Simmons Elementary embodies the spirit of innovation and hard work through incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math while recognizing the importance of the Arts in students’ matriculation. At least once a semester, each classroom participates in learning experiences where they utilize empathy to see problems in their community. Once the problem has been identified, the students are able to incorporate their grade-level content standards while learning about the issue and its impact. They then are able to utilize their technology and engineering skills to create solutions to these problems and communicate them in a variety of ways. The Arts in Basic Curriculum grants have helped to create strong connections by bringing in artists-in-residence throughout the years to make our STEAM units even more engaging. At Philip Simmons Elementary School, students are being prepared to be College and Career Ready. Through the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, students are able to learn real-world problem-solving skills. Students are also able to learn to think beyond themselves to be able to help others. With this level of empathy mixed with the skills being taught, Philip Simmons Elementary School is producing a crop of unprecedented success.

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