Northside Elementary School of the Arts

District: York 3  /  Site Since 2000

Northside Elementary School of the Arts is unique for many reasons. One of these being that it is a School of Choice for the Arts. In our district, this means that students that are not zoned for our school can apply to attend our school to be immersed in the arts. Students that are zoned for our school can still attend as well, but they do not have to apply. This gives us a unique mix of students. We are a Title I school, so most of our students do not get experiences that other students may, such as attending performances, lessons, etc. However, we also have students who are in some of the elite arts programs in our community and get to attend many artistic opportunities. It is our goal to merge these students together and give them the most comprehensive elementary arts experience as possible. We also give exposure to various arts forms through intentional planning of natural arts connections in core curriculum. Because of these experiences and opportunities, students can make connections, show their learning, and become more engaged learners than they may not otherwise be. NSES is the only school in our district that offers dance, drama, music, and visual art giving students a wide-ranging arts education, along with the arts integration of the core classroom. These arts classes give our students that may struggle with typical classroom experiences the opportunity to shine and feel successful. All students at NSES also participate in performances. We find unique ways to make sure every student can be successful beyond academics. Our students have an extra “lens” through which to look at their learning and knowledge, using different aspects of their arts curriculum to better understand the traditional core subjects about which they are learning.

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