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Long Middle School is an eclectic school with a wide variety of opportunities and experiences. Students are taught by a diverse group of educators while also being immersed into a wide range of learning opportunities. This allows our students to have a broad worldview upon entering high school. LMS also has a diverse student and teacher population. This benefits our students by allowing them to interact with others who may or may not look like them or believe the way they do. This makes us unique in a way a lot of small community schools are not. Teachers are able to engage with students from varied backgrounds which opens their world view thus improving instructional styles from year to year. Students are able to go beyond their rural community into a broader scope of learning due to the daily interaction they have with their peers and teachers. This type of learning environment encourages deep dialogue and intriguing discourse among students. Arts integration plays a huge role in our school dynamic. At any given moment, students throughout the school are immersed in art activities that provoke higher order thinking and bring an element of rigor to the learning. These types of activities are not limited to art class but can be seen throughout the school in all content areas in a variety of ways. We have classes designing airplanes, building robots, drawing models, customizing tennis shoes, creating anchor charts, drawing maps, making coloring books, and the list goes on. Our music and art departments participate in competitions, such as Lions Club Peace Posters, county and regional bands, parades, concerts and more throughout the school year. The vision of Long Middle School is to ensure all students experience academic and social growth. The different art implemented activities encourage growth for all students.

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