Lady’s Island Elementary

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Our vision is formally stated in our strategic plan. The core idea that frames our vision for 2021-2024 is that our school will return to a place of leadership among schools of the arts in our region and in our state. Systems thinking is currently in progress at LIES and many systems, protocols, and elements of culture around academics and the arts are being created and implemented. With this in place, an environment will exist where our students enjoy and benefit from opportunities in all of the arts areas, both during and outside of the school day as well as in the community. We will use partnerships with community stakeholders and others to accomplish many of our goals – working with artists in residence, guest artists, enabling students to attend professional performances yearly, and showcasing student participation in and achievement within the arts using social and traditional media outlets. We envision an arts environment where classroom teachers understand how to make use of precious limited time in order to integrate arts objectives into core content classes both with and without the collaboration of an arts specialist. Accomplishing this will require strategic professional development, culture building, and creative scheduling. Finally, we understand that comprehensive arts programming cannot take place without appropriate facilities, materials, and equipment. We envision and have already begun to see progress in our partnership with BCSD to improve and maintain existing arts spaces.

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