Holly Springs-Motlow Elementary

District: Spartanburg 1  /  Site Since 2010

Arts Mission and Vision Statement:  Holly Springs-Motlow Elementary is a community of learners discovering, expressing, and exploring together while seeking arts and academic excellence.  The mission of Holly Springs-Motlow Elementary and Spartanburg County School District One articulates a commitment to providing a “quality, student-centered education”.  The school’s commitment is multidimensional and is reflected programmatically through a variety of innovative programs and services, including outstanding programs in the visual and performing arts.  Administration and teachers promote integration of the arts into the basic curriculum and “use best practices in instruction to effectively improve academic achievement of all students.” The vision of the Spartanburg County School District One “Visual and Performing Arts Program” is to provide exemplary arts instruction, delivered with depth and integrity, so that every student is assured innovative arts experiences.

Geographic Information:  Serving 414 students in grades K4-6, Holly Springs-Motlow Elementary is nestled in the upstate foothills of Campobello, SC surrounded by pastures and rolling hills. Although only 25 miles from Greenville and Spartanburg, the community has long ties to agriculture, and many families still see farming as a part of everyday life. Due to location, many organized arts activities presented at the school are well attended and supported by the community, with the school serving as the major hub of cultural activity for enhancing arts awareness.

School Awards:

Palmetto’s Finest School 2015-2016

Arts in Basic Curriculum School 2010-2016

Distinguished Arts Program Grant 2015-2016

Exemplary Reading Honor School 2014-2015

Distinguished Arts Program Grant 2013-2014

Distinguished Title One School Honor School 2012-2013

Exemplary Reading Honor School 2012-2013

Palmetto Gold 2009-2013

National School Public Relations Association Award- 2009-2012

Arts Programs Offered:

  • Piano Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Honors Chorus
  • Band
  • Orchestra
  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Steel Drums Ensemble
  • Ukulele Group

Supplementary Arts Programs Offered during 2015-2016 School Year

  • Bob Doster, Artist-In-Residence (3D Sculpture Artist)
  • Dr. Mary-Ann Solesby, Artist-In-Residence (Creative Writer)
  • Arts Partnership with Chapman Cultural Center Performances  (Bluegrass Banjo Artist, African Drummers)
  • The Baillie Players, Artists-In-Residence (Theatre)
  • Mrs. Sarah Edwards-Hammond, Artist-In-Residence (Gullah Sweetgrass BasketMaker)

Supplementary Arts Programs Offered During the 2016-2017 School Year

  • Arts Partnership With Greater Spartanburg/MUSE Machine (Ballet Spartanburg Performance and Banjo-Guitar story-telling performance )
  • Tasha Thomas, Artist-In-Residence (Creative Writing Specialist with the Spartanburg Writing Project )
  • Buren Martin and The Baillie Players, Artist-In-Residence (Theatre Specialist)
  • Dr. Maryann Solesbee, Artist-In-Residence (Creative Writer with Carolina Education Associates)

Supplementary Arts Programs Offered during 2017-2018 School Year

  • Jim Creal, Artist-In-Residence (Printmaker)
  • Sarah Hammond, Artist-In-Residence (Sweetgrass Basket-maker)
  • Chase Wolfe & Spartanburg Swing, LLC, Artist-In-Residence (Swing Dance Teacher)
  • Kimberly Roberts & Pantasia, LLC, Artist-In-Residence (Percussion Specialist)

Supplementary Arts Programs Offered during 2018-2019 School Year

  • Jim Creal, Artist-In-Residence (Printmaker)
  • Anna Moo, Artist-In-Residence (Singer/Songwriter & Early Childhood Specialist)
  • Elaine Quave & SC Governor’s School for the Arts & Humanities, Artist-In-Residence (Pottery Specialist)
  • Sarah Hammond, Artist-In-Residence (Sweetgrass Basket-maker)
  • Kimberly Roberts & Pantasia, LLC, Artist-In-Residence (Ukulele Specialist)


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