Heath Springs Elementary

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Heath Springs Elementary School is an arts-infused, STEAM-focused rural school in Lancaster County with 420 students in pre-K-5th grade. Seventy-two percent of the student population is white with 28% being African American, Hispanic, and bi-racial. Heath Springs has a poverty rate of 58%. The school’s mission is to foster life-long learning in and through the performing arts including dance, music, visual art, and theatre. The school district, Lancaster County Schools, has an alliance with the Kennedy Center. Arts integration is vital to students’ success. Heath Springs infuses drama, creative writing, music, visual arts and dance in grade-level PTO Arts Integration performances and plays. The arts play a significant role in students’ daily learning as students are prepared for life beyond graduation in STEAM classes. The arts will play a significant role moving forward to project/problem-based learning. Arts clubs are offered every other Friday. These include drama, pottery, engineering, landscaping, academic challenge, LEGO’s, art, gardening, recycled art, tap dancing, and many more which are taught by teachers, parents and community members. LEGO’s and pottery clubs meet once a week after school. A teacher pottery club meets on Tuesday’s during the summer. Opportunities for students are afforded from the funding of the ABC grant.

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