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“The mission of Bonner Elementary Arts Education Program is to provide arts enriched instruction that will promote lifelong appreciation, creativity, and active participation in the arts.” Bonner Elementary is a rural, Title 1 school located in Berkeley County that serves approximately 800 students from eight surrounding small communities. Bonner has been a recipient of the DAP grant from 2009-2012 and an arts integrated school since 2010. In February 2018, Bonner was officially named a partial arts magnet school by Berkeley County School Board. Bonner Elementary teachers integrate the arts throughout the core curriculum using the strategies taught and modeled by Focus Five. ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies lessons are taught and interwoven using tableaus, reading portraits, one-minute challenges, and test prep. With the use of problem solving strategies and higher-level thinking skills students are taught to make connections to the curriculum, the arts, and real life. All students are taught scholarly habits, teamwork, pride, and to take intellectual risks through arts integrated strategies. Students receive instruction in music, dance, drama, physical education, and art. Third-fifth grade students receive additional opportunities in the arts through exploratory clubs taught by the fine arts and classroom teachers. Approximately forty fourth and fifth grade students are provided with guitar lessons twice a week. During the 18-19 school year, students will also have an opportunity to participate in after-school dance instruction. Visiting artists-in-residencies vary in art form and provide opportunities for students to interact with real authors, artists, musicians, storytellers, dancers, and actors who make the arts come alive. These residencies offer experiences in the arts that many children in rural areas are unable to attend due to location and/or economic circumstances. In many cases, permanent art installations have been added to the school, which enrich the environment for students, staff, and the community. Students have a greater appreciation for the arts because they are involved in the creation of these art works.

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