Hand Middle School

District: Richland 1  /  Site Since 1999

Hand’s unique pathway to success and community engagement is built upon the five A’s: Academics, Athletics, Attendance, Attitude, and the Arts. While the building itself is charmingly historic (built in 1929) the work inside these walls is progressive and led by the young people who walk the halls. Hand prioritizes and applies student input; so much so that three 8th grade students developed a proposal for a student created mural which describes the Five A’s. The administration and district approved the mural while Hand’s PTO funded it. This effort requiring the collaboration of all Hand community stakeholders is a prime example of the unique ability Hand has to use community cooperation to support student voice. The five A’s are not standalone functions of the school but representations of the facets that work together to make us whole and distinctive. Hand offers a variety of elective classes that reflects our belief that in order to serve every child, every day, we must seek to expand their education as far as the horizons of their minds. Students have access to Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Theatre, Dance, Visual Art, Latin, Spanish, Family Consumer Science, Discovery Computer Science, Keyboarding, Digital Literacy, and Introduction to Career Clusters. By providing such a wide array of elective classes, our community is able to expand the areas in which collaboration can be fruitful and give our students more opportunities to apply these skills and express their individual perspectives.

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