Fort Dorchester High School

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Fort Dorchester High School, located in North Charleston, SC, is one of three high schools in Dorchester District Two. Fort serves a diverse student population of multicultural ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds. Within 0.5 miles of campus, residences include trailer parks, apartments, and a large gated community. Train tracks divide Ashley Phosphate Road and the rapidly gentrifying Summerville side of town. Despite coming from widely dissimilar walks of life, when students walk through the doors at Fort, they form a unique family culture. “Defend the Fort, Defend the Family.”
It is the vision of Fort Dorchester High School is to prepare students for college and career readiness and make meaningful connections. After graduation, students attend technical schools, colleges, universities, as well as join the work force. Fort offers many programs that provide hands on, real-world experiences – CATE, culinary, and ROTC. Our administration encourages students to get in involved in school clubs and arts within the school – “Being involved is the only way to be!” Through encouraging the importance of content as well as connectedness, it allows students to reach their personal best.

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