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East Aiken School of the Arts is a partial magnet arts integrated school, serving approximately 600 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Approximately 72.5 % of our students are identified on the Pupils in Poverty Index, making our school a Title 1 school. We serve both rural and urban demographics in Aiken county. Our top priority is to provide a comprehensive and sequential arts-based curriculum to enhance student achievement. East Aiken has been an ABC Advancement site since 2006, and the recipient of the Distinguished Arts Program Grant since 2004. Our mission is to accommodate differences, reveal a passion for learning, teach appreciation, and stimulate creativity. Our vision is to strive for academic excellence through the arts. We are fortunate to offer full time visual art, music, dance, and theatre instructors. Our teachers and administration work diligently to provide the best comprehensive curriculum to our students. In addition to arts courses, we also provide arts experiences in musical theatre, sculpture, digital photography, yearbook, and STEAM. Creative writing is integrated into our core curriculum. Teachers regularly integrate arts into core subject areas. Our arts team regularly collaborates with grade-level teachers to create unique and engaging, standards-based, arts integrated lessons. Our school regularly utilizes artists-in-residence, produces annual musical performances, and partners with community organizations to enhance our arts programs. We offer yearly staff development opportunities in arts integration for all our teachers and use “Acting Right” developed by Sean Layne as our school-wide classroom management program. As we strive to achieve success in and through the arts, our focus is to continue to grow our current arts programs as well as to maintain a high level of student achievement through arts integration.

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