Cannons Elementary School

District: Spartanburg 3  /  Site Since 2012

Cannons Elementary is a Title I School situated in a rural community in Spartanburg County where it has served the community’s children since 1938. The demographic make-up of the school mirrors the community population of 53.9% white, 28.0% African American, 12.5% Hispanic, 1.6% Asian, and 3.9% of two or more race categories. The mission, in Spartanburg School District Three and at Cannons Elementary School, is to provide experiences and teach world class skills and values which empower all children to achieve their fullest potential. The arts areas offered include visual, music and media arts on a full time basis. Both theater and dance are offered part-time through extended residency programs. Through research-based instructional practices, students develop skills to support the career characteristics of the South Carolina Graduate. The district supports gifted and talented artists through the ATLAS program offering visual and musical arts. Each year Cannons produces a spring musical which requires students attend after school rehearsals as part of the school Drama Club. A part-time drama teacher leads the production. The school is designated as a Title I Reward School for Performance – among the highest performing Title I schools in a given year. Cannons Elementary has received Palmetto Gold and/or Silver Awards for General Performance or Closing the Achievement Gap each year since 2010. Cannons is also a recipient of the South Carolina Whole Child Award in the area of Engagement.

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