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The arts have historically been prevalent in everyday life at Cannons Elementary School. Even before starting our journey to become an Arts in the Basic Curriculum School in 2011, our school has had a long-lasting tradition of celebrating the arts. Some of those continuing traditions include the Cannons Art Gallery, “Arts for Me” program, gifted and talented programs for both art and music, and inviting Muse Machine into our school. The Cannons Art Gallery, in the school entrance hall, hosts rotating professional artist exhibitions each year which the whole community has access to. Students, with parents, participate in the “Arts for Me” program both in school and by attending other arts programs in the community. We belong to the Muse Machine sponsored by the Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg. Muse Machine brings the arts to Cannons several times throughout the year. The Art and Music ATLAS programs serve our artistically gifted and talented students with additional instruction to enrich their arts experience. When you walk through the hallways of Cannons it is obvious that student creativity, individuality, and learning is valued. The walls, windows, and courtyards are filled with a variety of art forms such as paintings, drawings, pottery, sculptures, and glass mosaics to name a few. You can also hear the sounds of singing, the happy notes being played during piano academy, or student voices enthusiastically performing readers theater or reciting poems. Becoming an ABC School has continued to enrich our arts program and helped it permeate every aspect of our school. The arts have long been a cornerstone for Cannons Elementary and the surrounding community. Without our arts cornerstone, Cannons Elementary would not be the school that it is today. One that values student’s creativity, individuality, and learning. A school that strives to love first and teach second.

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