2021 SC Arts Higher Education Forum

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Each year Arts in Basic Curriculum Project hosts the SC Arts Higher Education Forum, a one-day event that connects leaders from both K-12 education and Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) in the arts and arts educator preparation programs. The day provides a unique opportunity to learn about initiatives, policies, and practices that may influence and impact arts education in South Carolina. The need for such a forum could not be more significant. Now more than ever, the arts education community needs to engage in dialogue for a collective purpose, that every SC student have equitable access to quality arts education.

As with all other conferences and public gatherings, the forum has been modified to a virtual platform.

Our thematic topic is Reflection.
We wish to explore how the historical events of a pandemic and social justice movements, like Black Lives Matter, have influenced our institutions, classrooms, profession, and pedagogical practices. The long-term impact of these events on systematic infrastructures remain unclear, therefore, we explore them from our professional and institutional efforts that have prompted reflection on how arts education is addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Some of the questions we intend to reflect upon are:
In our moments of crisis and challenge, what did we learn about ourselves, our students, and our practices?
What unexpected opportunities were discovered through critical reflection of traditional practices?
How have our curriculums shifted to reflect the social and emotional needs of our students?
How do we secure and promote reflective practice for social and emotional learning priorities?

Live events will be offered throughout the day. The full schedule will be posted on this page starting January 19 with full description, participating panelists, and access links. All Live sessions will be recorded. All on-demand (pre-recorded) and recorded live sessions will be accessible through Insight! A Collaborative Virtual Conference.

All live sessions will be accessible through this page.
However, registration is required for access to on-demand (pre-recorded) and recorded live sessions after January 22.

Click the hyperlink to access a Google Form for registration information. https://forms.gle/sApuJEN3d4HcMoqE7

We hope you will join the conversation on January 22.


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10:00 am - 4:45pm
January 22


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