Muse STEAM Institute

STEM TO STEAM:  This teacher institute promotes inquiry-based learning for any classroom.  The course will stimulate creativity, curiosity and innovative thought.  The faculty includes Dr. Mary Lou Hightower (USC Upstate professor), Cindy Riddle (Spartanburg District One Coordinator of Gifted and Talented/Visual and Performing Arts), and a guest instructor (from the John F. Kennedy Center or other nationally recognized organization).  Teachers will experience the arts through attendance at four arts events and reflecting on their experiences.  The intense week will contain STEAM Challenges, field experiences (such as visiting Milliken’s Innovation Gallery followed by panel discussion with Milliken scientists and others), hands on arts activities, and creating lesson plans based on the CLIA Lesson Plan format.

Participating teachers will:

  • Gain knowledge about incorporating the arts in their own classroom (especially in the areas of STEAM);
  • Write critically about their experiences in attending four arts events (visual art exhibition, concert, theater production, dance performance);
  • Develop a lesson plan (using the CLIA Lesson Plan format) that will include STEAM challenges;
  • Participate in STEAM Challenges during the weeklong intense instruction;
  • Visit a company that focuses on innovation and STEAM thinking.

Pre-Muse Machine Institute meeting:  May TBA

Post-Muse Machine Institute:  TBA (on-line discussion)

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June 26 - June 30

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SC Department of Education