December 10th, 2019

$500,000 Arts Education Increase Proposed

On December 9, the Education Oversight Committee approved the recommendations of their subcommittees, including a $500,000 increase in recurring funding for the SC Arts Commission, specifically for the Arts in Basic Curriculum Project.

The SCAC requested a $500,000 increase in their budget proposal filed in September. On November 18, the EIA Subcommittee met to take up the budget request and recommended fully funding the agency’s request.

Funding will be dedicated to the ABC Institute in helping expand their reach across the state (already at 85 sites and over 170,000 students annually).

The funding now heads to the House Ways & Means Committee, who will begin their budget deliberations in late January. Stay tuned for updates.

Read the full EOC recommendations by clicking here (Arts – pgs. 146 and 170 of the full packet).


Source: SC Arts Alliance