January 12th, 2017

ABC Institute Partnership with NAfME to Benefit Rural and Urban Classrooms

At the end of July, the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) was named one of 21 organizations to receive a Library of Congress grant on Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS). Seventy-six organizations applied for the grant—including higher education and cultural institutions, school districts, and other educational organizations.

“The mission of the National Association for Music Education is to advance music education by promoting the understanding and making of music by all,” said Mike Blakeslee, NAfME Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer. “This generous grant from the Library of Congress will go a long way toward supporting that mission by helping provide quality music education resources for music educators.”

NAfME will create curricular materials for the Responding area of the 2014 Music Standards using the Library of Congress’s digitized archive of music (audio, video and notational). During the 2016-2017 school year, NAfME will work with experts in general music and choral music to create online curricular materials based on primary sources from the Library of Congress’s digital archive. The materials will be piloted in rural and urban classroom settings in partnership with the South Carolina Arts in Basic Curriculum Project, led by Christine Fisher, and Baltimore City Public Schools, led by Dr. Brian Schneckenburger.

The final curricular materials will be placed on NAfME’s “My Music Class®” and NAfME’s new learning management system. The new learning management system will allow NAfME to build professional development modules and instructional guides around the curricular materials for an online learning environment.

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