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East Point Academy is a Mandarin Immersion Charter school located in West Columbia, South Carolina. The immersion of Mandarin into the curriculum overlaps with the immersion of culture and arts at East Point. This school has grown organically and exponentially over the years, finding a special niche in the community of West Columbia. The school teaches much more than just another language but is enriched with cultural experiences throughout the entire year which is interwoven with all the arts offered including: Visual Art, Dance, Music, Theatre, Media, and a wide variety of after school programs and clubs. East Point Academy has worked closely with municipalities, state and legislative support over the years to involve the community at all levels. The school has a global focus on academics, culture, and the arts that allows students to develop world-class skills, innovative, and critical thinking. East Point Academy is not only focused on culture, academics, and art but also has a slogan that each student knows by heart which is to “Be Kind, Work Hard.” The students at this unique charter school have the opportunity to develop their character and integrity in a culture that appreciates perseverance and hard work.

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