Characteristics of a Quality ABC Grant Narrative (Webinar – Elementary Focus)

Our YouTube live event is a Google Hangout (Google’s version of Skype). This choice/video platform allows multiple participants to be on the same call.

What makes this exciting is that you are included in the process! Not only will you be able to hear Christine and view her presentation, but able to interact with her and ask questions.

The session will be recorded, but is an unlisted event – only those with a link are able to access the event or watch it later. All Group A Sites should have received an email with the link.

All you need is to click the hyperlink when ready to join the conversation.

Any ABC Group A Site is welcome to attend.


Event Details

Date & Time

3:00pm - 4:00pm
November 28



Contact Information

(803) 323-2451

Hosted By

ABC Institute