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Rosewood Elementary School is a small neighborhood school that has been committed to the children of our community for over ninety-five years. Our school sits within the city of Columbia, SC, close to the capital, the University of South Carolina, and the South Carolina State Fairgrounds. Our students come from the surrounding suburban communities of Shandon, Rosewood, and Arthurtown, each with their own unique identity, culture, and socio-economic profile. Each of these communities are stable, meaning Rosewood often serves multiple generations within the same family. The result is a deeply supportive relationship between our families and Rosewood. Our dedicated faculty and staff, enthusiastic students, and involved parents and community members make Rosewood a special and unique learning environment.

Rosewood is committed to providing our students a safe, caring, academically challenging and diverse learning environment that will develop productive citizens for a changing world. We, as a community, have purposefully and consciously made the decision to focus our teaching and learning on the arts and arts integration. We strive to celebrate and preserve our cultural heritages; to explore the realms of expression, imagination, and creativity; to build strong connections; and to delve into complex cognitive processes as we teach and learn in and through the arts.

Rosewood’s Strategic Arts Plan supports our unique profile and drives decisions toward achieving our vision. With intentional efforts of the whole school and with support from the district, parents, and community, we have set our priority to provide a quality, comprehensive arts education for all students where every student is guaranteed the opportunity to learn about, create, and value the visual and performing arts through persistent mindfulness in planning, reflections, and actions. We are purposefully working toward developing our identity as an arts school by developing a quality, comprehensive arts education for all students; focusing our professional development on the arts and arts integration; assuming arts leadership roles within our school and community; networking with like-minded individuals and institutions; and building our voice as an advocate for arts and arts integration in schools. The plan, as a collaborative, working document, expresses the ongoing, ever-evolving mission, vision, goals, beliefs, and culture of our school. It sets to paper our desire to educate all of our students in and through the arts, to celebrate our students’ cultures and heritages.

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