Muse STEAM Institute 2018

This institute is taught by professional artists and master teachers in arts integration and provides hands-on activities in the visual and performing arts, instruction in the multiple intelligences, and guidance in using the arts across the curriculum. In addition to classroom instruction hours, this institute must include a field trip to a company that focuses on innovation and science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) thinking and four separate arts events from the areas of visual arts, music, theater, dance, historic preservation, and opera for participants to attend and critique.

The institute must focus on curriculum, assessment, and instruction in STEAM and provide a STEAM challenge for participants.

Participating teachers will:

  • Gain knowledge about incorporating the arts in their own classroom (especially in the areas of STEAM);
  • Write critically about their experiences in attending four arts events (visual art exhibition, concert, theater production, dance performance);
  • Develop a lesson plan (using the CLIA Lesson Plan format) that will include STEAM challenges;
  • Participate in STEAM Challenges during the weeklong intense instruction;
  • Visit a company that focuses on innovation and STEAM thinking.

Pre-Muse STEAM Institute meeting: June 2 in Columbia Area

Muse STEAM Institute Week: June 25-29, 2018 in Spartanburg

Post-Muse STEAM Institute: TBA (on-line discussion)

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June 25 - June 29



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SC Department of Education