June 15th, 2018

Spring Valley High at Carnegie Hall

Nine Spring Valley High School students recently traveled to New York to perform at Carnegie Hall. The Viking singers were among 150 singers participating in a performance of the “Requiem in D minor, Op. 48” by Gabriel Faure. The students sang under the direction of Dr. David Gresham from Brevard College. The students and their teacher are: Raylin Domenech, Phillip Gilchrist, Tatiana Musgrave, Olivia Narvaiz, Areana Scott, Mackenzie Speight, Aailyah Webber, LeQwan Wilson, Zachary Young and Dr. Patrick Hawkins.

The trip got even sweeter for seniors Phillip Gilchrist and Zachary Young, who learned they were accepted into the music education/voice program at Brevard with the highest possible vocal scholarships offered by Dr. Gresham — close to $19,000 for every year of their Bachelor of Music studies.



Source: Richland School District Two