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Midlands Arts Conservatory is an arts focused student centered school. We are a public charter school serving the midlands and the surrounding areas of the midlands. We serve students in multiple counties. We serve Richland, Lexington, Kershaw, and Calhoun. This is our fourth year being open. The strategic plan in our school’s conception was our first sixth grade group would become our first graduating class in 2023. Our first year we were 6th-8th grade and each year following we have increased a grade level. Currently we serve 6th-10th grade students. At this time we are serving 161 students, and awaiting to serve more. We are a growing school yet as a principle and philosophy of ours we maintain a teacher-student ratio that is 1:15. In addition we are providing students with arts focused education. The four disciplines of the Fine Arts (Visual Art, Dance, Music -Strings, and Theatre) are taught in our school by educators who are experts of their craft and art-form. Not all teachers are certified but all are professionals within their artistic talents. Our focus is the arts and students’ present and potential abilities. Each day student’s receive almost three hours of art education. The middle school cohort will receive 450 hours of Art education and the High school cohort will receive 270 hours within a school year. This is exponentially higher than what is available in other schools. Students here receive more art instruction than studio level courses within higher learning opportunities. We, as arts workers and arts advocates, believe and know students who are invested and engaged in their learning are more successful academically, mentally, emotionally, and artistically. We are able to provide the learning environment and community that facilitates accountability, ownership, and authentic learning within the children we serve.

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