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Cheraw Intermediate School is a small school in a predominately textile and farming town serving grades 3 through 5. We have students from various ethnicities but only a limited number who qualify for ESOL services. Our students form a wide academic range of abilities and we house three self-contained exceptional education classes – LD, ID Mild, and ID Moderate. We are a Title I school (83% poverty index). Despite these challenges, we know our children are talented and have lots of potential; therefore, we are advocates for them and strive to see them succeed. We believe in a growth mindset and have made it our goal to cultivate and instill the growth mindset principles. We offer extrinsic rewards like field trips, Fun Fridays, and a token system for students who strive to make good choices and do their best. However, we want students to move beyond the extrinsic, materialistic stimuli to be intrinsically motivated and self-driven. The arts are utilized to develop and promote a sense of self-efficacy and community. For example, as our culminating art event each year, CIS hosts the Follies. The 5th grade students are expected to work with their classmates to produce a performance to celebrate an era of music. A theme is determined; sound tracks are edited; dance routines are choreographed; skits are written; costumes and props are created. Every 5th grader is afforded an opportunity to participate in the show and be a part of this grand performance. It is presented to the students and the community and is also used as a service project to raise money for Relay for Life. Hundreds of hours are devoted, and thousands of dollars are raised, but we are most hopeful that this event helps our students feel a sense of belonging.

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